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In this era of vouchers, charter schools and other educational alternatives, many forget that public education in this country started for one simple, viable reason-to ensure equity in learning exposure and opportunities for all U.S. citizens.

In these challenging times, the approach of Next Step Associates, LLC, is noticeably unique due to an increasingly uncommon commitment to EQUAL EDUCATION ACCESS. NSA’s commitment is coupled with now a rare proposition: The premise of U.S. public education is viable and rests on a secure historical foundation that makes it globally innovative.


NSA is dedicated to serving as our clients’ trusted collaborators with an unshakable belief that mission-centered activities, maximization of resources, and measurable community impact can be daily reality NOW for public sector and and nonprofit entities.


The mission of NSA is to level the education playing field to ensure that all children have equal access to any necessary and desired resources and their resultant opportunities.

Next Step Associates, LLC (NSA) assists public sector and non-profit enterprises to perform optimally in order to maximize the return on taxpayer and donor investments. We enable organizations to implement strategies decisively and with a steadfast focus on their mission. With a cross-disciplinary approach and a broad spectrum of expertise, NSA executes with precision, exceeds expectations, and creates solutions for the public and non-profit sectors.

Next Step Associates, LLC (NSA) can help your organization with: conference planning and facilitation, curriculum development, ethics training, executive coaching, internship development, leadership development, policy development, professional development and system reform initiatives

Next Step Associates, LLC is a woman owned and Small Business Administration 8(a) certified through 2019. We were founded in 2004 by Cassandra W. Jones.

Next Step Associates, LLC, is led by CEO and founder Cassandra W. Jones, Ed.D. Dr. Jones began her career spanning 35 years in urban education as a teacher with the School District of Philadelphia. She has held various leadership positions in the district including Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Interim Chief Academic Officer from 2007-2008. She also served as the Chief Academic Officer for the Baltimore City Public System from 2001-2004.

Throughout her career, Dr. Jones has developed a broad range of expertise and demonstrated results in policy and program assessment and design, strategic planning, senior executive coaching, development and implementation of effective diversity strategies, meeting facilitation, and conference planning.

Dr. Jones believes that universal access to the ‘American Dream’ is predicated on strong and robust public systems and non-profit institutions. In her view, all professions involve education and we all have a stake in the viability of the public education system. It is, after all, a fundamental source of our country’s strength and sustainability and greatly informs our ability to serve as global leaders. Dr. Jones is motivated personally and professionally by these beliefs and, as CEO and president, she ensures that Next Step Associates, LLC is well-equipped for continuing service to the public and non-profit sectors.

Cassandra W. Jones earned a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1973, along with a Master’s degree in Administration in 1978, and a Doctorate in Sports Administration in 1988, all from Temple University. Dr. Jones also earned a Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility from Beaver College (now Arcadia University) in 1988 and was honored with the Marcus A. Foster Award for Achievement in Education and the Greater Philadelphia First Award for Administration, both in 2000.