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“Unbelievable the levels there are. Each time you think you have found (how to define her) you find out there is more – much more.”

“She performs acres above what most people consider exceptional. Naturally and consistently. It’s intrinsic to her…”

“She comes as close to being a manager – leader as anyone I have ever seen. Usually, candidates are one or the other. The skills for one just lags behind the skills of the other or one is a downfall. Usually, where leadership is the forte, management skills are somewhat lacking. Dr. Jones ties the two together” as one seamless resource.

“She does not tout what others experience as her greatness. She does not come to any endeavor gifts first brandishing her accomplishments. She comes to contribute. “

“She does what she does then what she has to do…and goes on to meet the next challenges.”

“In our context, her world with us, focuses on her spiritual offerings and development, yet we get glimpses of her professionalism applied to all her other endeavors, It’s totally apparent.”

Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller
Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church
Philadelphia, PA

“Dr. Jones is a strategic and innovative leader, whose character and commitment to honesty and integrity compel her to initiate programs that enhance the whole person.”

Elder J. Douglas Wilson
Partners for Reform

“Cassandra Jones is an extraordinary administrator and educator whose input, guidance and advice are essential to all those seriously interested in excellence in education.”

Tyrone Powers, Ph.D
Children 1st Movement

“Cassandra has a heart for teachers, for parents, for families, and for educators… a woman of faith integrity and character.”

Reverend George M. Carr
Pastor, Pleasant Hill Chapel
President, Partners for Transformation

“Cassandra is one of the most effective people I’ve ever worked with in breaking through presumed obstacles.”

Katherine Conner
Associates Superintendent (Former)
School District of Philadelphia

“Dr. Jones brings enormous energy and commitment to her work…a deep understanding of the complexity of secondary schools…passionate concern for the success and well-being of urban students…she brings passion to her work with principals, teachers and parents.”

James H. Lytle, Ed. D
Superintendent of Schools (Former)
Trenton Public Schools

“High expectations, adequate supports, and accountability are central to how Dr. Jones thinks about education.”

David Hornbeck
Former Superintendent (Former)
School District of Philadelphia

“Cassandra’s understanding of, and belief in the importance of professional development is evident in her track record of supporting staff, helping them grow and creating the next generation of leaders from the ranks of field-based staff.”

Mary Jane Clancy
Director of Youth Development (Former)
The Big Picture Company

“This task (restoring public education) is bigger than I can do – solo. God’s vision and strength has to be at the helm.”

I have met challenges in the academic setting all my life – even as a kid. Just want the most for it, and out of it, to benefit all children.”

Dr. Cassandra W. Jones