Minority Business 2014

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Community Economic Development

It is more important than ever for community organizations and neighborhoods to be empowered to control their destiny. NSA can help you mobilize resources to create and build stable economic ventures that satisfy the social needs of the community. NSA can design and create results where consumers become producers, users become providers and employees become owners of economic enterprises.


  • Provided training to strengthen leadership, community involvement, knowledge and strategic planning skills for community-focused organizations.
  • Facilitated training and capacity building in the areas of organization and administration development, fundraising, negotiations, partnership structuring and incubating new ideas.
  • Assisted in the development of business plans and resource mapping.
  • Provided preliminary planning for specific projects as well as long term development strategies that involves others in the broader community.
  • Develop research and evaluation models, new ideas and state of the art economic venture service delivery vehicles, resources and information; evaluate, monitor techniques of effective partnerships as to impact on conditions in neighborhoods, set up forums for discussion of the new development concepts and issues that impact community based organizations.
  • Assisted in the coordination of community education focusing on “day” events, forums, discussion circles, media, conferences and workshop series.