Minority Business 2014

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Executive Coaching

Executive and Organization Coaching

  • NSA guides individuals and teams to effectively shape and reshape new visions and plans for improving overall productivity, competence, and confidence.
  • NSA coaches organizations to evaluate and recommit to program goals, to thoroughly monitor progress toward goal attainment, and to improve overall performance via quality, impact and results.
  • NSA assists both individuals and organizations as they develop the competence, adaptability, and resilience required to work through organizational transition periods – skills that are critical in today’s volatile political and economic environments that impact education.

Program Audits

  • NSA analyzes program components – by planning processes, goals and objectives, operating procedures and performance measures – to provide sound implementation of viable recommendations for systemic and any necessary programmatic improvements.
  • NSA utilizes staff and customer interviews, document and policy reviews and site visits as major data resources in NSA’scomprehensive audits of program functioning in order to align with any predefined or evolving organizational goals.

What is required: Proven background, revenue section (listing of materials, employees, benefit cost, etc..)